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Visa® Debit Card

What is a debit card?

A debit card is like a credit card, except that it “debits” money directly from your checking account.

Can I use my Visa Debit Card for purchases without paying interest charges?

Yes. Since the money for your purchases comes directly from your checking account, there are no interest charges.

Should I alert the Credit Union before I go out of town?

Yes, please contact the Credit Union via Live Chat for a Travel Exemption Form.

What happens if my Akron Fire Police Credit Union Visa Credit Card or Debit Card is lost or stolen?

To report a lost or stolen Credit or Debit Card, please call (800) 449-7728.

How can my debit card help me handle my banking needs?

Your debit card gives you 24-hour banking convenience. Simply use your card to make deposits or withdrawals, check balances, or transfer funds between accounts.

How do I make a credit card balance transfer?

Contact the Credit Union via Live Chat for a Balance Transfer Form.

How do I keep track of my purchases?

All transactions made with your debit card are listed on your monthly account statement.

Is using a Debit Card safe?

Absolutely. Whether you’re shopping on the Internet, by phone, or in person, you’ll have zero liability for unauthorized signature purchases.

Where can I make purchases with my Visa Debit Card?

Your debit card can be used to make purchases at more than 25 million places that accept Visa.

What do I do when the merchant says enter your PIN for a Visa Debit Card purchase?

Tell the merchant you want to make a credit purchase and sign the receipt.

When I make a purchase, do I have to give the merchant personal information?

No. You may need to present identification to the merchant, however, no other personal banking information, such as your PIN or account balance, can be accessed by merchants.

Can I get cash back with my purchases?

Yes, this is a convenient way to withdraw cash from your checking account when shopping, with no need to make a special trip to the ATM. Simply inquire if you can get cash back before the cashier calculates your purchase total. Many merchants will be happy to honor your request where the service is available.

What other benefits will I enjoy with my Visa Debit Card?

Your debit card can get you out of checkout lines fast because you won’t have to wait for check approvals. And every purchase will be listed on your monthly checking account statement, which can simplify your record keeping.

Can I use my Debit Card to set up recurring bill payments?

Yes. From Internet and phone charges to health club dues, more and more service providers are offering the convenience of automatic bill payments using your debit card. It ensures that your recurring bills are paid on time without the hassles of writing checks every month. And there are no interest charges since your payments are automatically deducted from your checking account. To set up recurring bill payments, simply contact providers that send you bills on a regular basis and ask if they can bill your debit card.

What Bill Pay options are available?

You may pay your bills using your debit card at the biller’s website. Just log onto a biller’s website, enter your debit card number, enter the amount of the bill and that’s it! You do not enter your PIN. This is referred to as a PINless payment. Utility, cable, and insurance payments are a few examples of how Pinless payments help you manage your finances the quick and easy way.