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New Balance Transfer Promotion

Transfer your high-interest-rate balances

NEW* Akron Fire Police Credit Union Visa Credit Cardholders can transfer their balances for a very low rate of 5.90% APR!**

Consolidate your balances with our amazing Balance Transfer Promotion and you will enjoy:

To take advantage of our Balance Transfer Promotion, please contact Card Services.

To apply for a new Visa Credit Card, please complete our Online Loan Application to get started.

*This offer is only available to NEW National Police Credit Union Visa Copper Cash Back, Silver Low Rate or Blue Line
Rewards Cardholders. Balance Transfer must be processed within 30 days from the card account open date to receive the promotional rate.
**APR = Annual Percentage Rate.
†Credit Score of 700+ required. 3% Balance Transfer Fee applies. Transferred Balance will appear as a Cash Advance Plan on your credit card statement. Interest for Cash Advances accrues daily and will begin on the date balance transfer is processed.

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