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Report lost or stolen cards

  • Report lost or stolen cards as soon as possible to prevent account fraud

  • Call Akron Fire Police Credit Union at (330) 798-1994 during business hours

  • If the credit Union is closed: for debit cards, call (800) 528-2273

  • For Visa Credit Cards the after-hour number is (888) 720-6836

  • Monitor your account daily to look for unauthorized charges

  • Never allow anyone to use your card

  • Keep your pin number confidential

ATM Locations

There is no ATM Fee for using the following locations:

  • Huntington ATMs

  • Alliance One ATMs

Akron Fire Police Credit Union also has an ATM at 217 South High Street 5th Floor Akron, Ohio 44308. AND 1810 Buchholzer Blvd. Akron, Ohio 44310.


Akron Fire Police Credit Union share draft account, sometimes referred to a ‘checking account’, offers the convenience and flexibility members need to handle everyday transactions:

  • Debit Card or ATM card access (no ATM fees if used at Huntington National Bank or Alliance One ATMs)

  • Online Banking or Mobile Banking allows you to keep track of account balances

  • Use online BillPay to make single or recurring payments

  • Payroll can be direct deposited

  • No minimum balance

  • No monthly fees


Please contact the credit union for Courtesy Pay Policy.


Reorder Checks Online

Share Accounts


  • Regular Shares account is the basic savings account that establishes membership for all Credit Union Members.

  • An initial deposit of $5.00 is required to open the account. The account must maintain the $5.00 balance in order for the Member to be entitled to Credit Union products and services.

  • Dividends are paid quarterly on average daily balances of $100 or more.

  • Up to 6 withdrawals are permitted per month without penalty.

  • ATM card access is available.

  • Members can set up additional Shares accounts in order to put aside funds for vacations or special purchases.


  • A Christmas Club Account is a great way to start saving for the holidays!

  • Deposits can be made through payroll deduction so you can save effortlessly throughout the year.

  • Funds are distributed in early October each year.

  • You can choose to receive the funds by check, or have it deposited directly into your checking account, so you can start your holiday shopping.

  • Christmas Club accounts are automatically renewed each year.


  • Money Market Shares account offers better dividend rates than the Regular Shares account, and more flexibility than the Share Certificate account.

  • Minimum balance of $2500.00.

  • Tiered rates allow you to earn higher rates on balances of $5000 or more.

  • You may make up to 6 withdrawals or transfers per month.

  • Funds may be added at any time.

  • Dividends are paid quarterly on an average daily balance of $2500 or more.

  • Quarterly statements.


  • Share Certificates offer higher dividend rates than regular shares accounts.

  • Available in the following terms: 6 month, 12 month, 24 month.

  • The minimum balance is $1000.

  • Dividends are paid quarterly.

  • There may be a penalty for early withdrawal of principal.

  • Maturity notices are mailed out 2 weeks prior to maturity date.

  • At maturity there is a ten day grace period from the maturity date where changes can be made without penalty, including adding or withdrawing funds, changing the term, or closing the certificate account.

  • The certificate will automatically roll over for the same term if no change instructions are received from the certificate owner within the 10 day grace period at maturity.


  • Custodial savings account for children up to age 18. Help your child form good savings habits!

  • The Custodian must be a member of Akron Fire Police Credit Union.

  • Only the Custodian is permitted to make withdrawals from the account.

  • The account is opened in the name and social security number of the Minor who will benefit from the account.

  • No minimum balance; No monthly fees.

  • Up to 6 withdrawals are permitted per month.


  • Roth IRAs provide the opportunity for earnings to grow tax free.

  • Contributions are made with after-tax dollars.

  • Contributions can be withdrawn tax-free at any time.

  • Earnings can be withdrawn tax-free after 5 years, if the IRA owner is over 59 ½ years, or is making a qualified distribution.

  • There is no required minimum distribution after age 70 ½.

  • IRA owners may contribute up to $5000 per year; after age 50, the allowable amount is $6000.

  • Additional restrictions may apply; Please contact the Credit Union for additional information about IRAs.


  • Traditional IRA Accounts offer the possibility for tax deferred earnings.

  • Contributions may be tax deductible.

  • IRA owners may contribute up to $5000 per year; after age 50, the allowable amount is $6000.

  • Traditional IRA owners are required to take minimum distributions from the IRA after they reach age 70 ½.

  • Additional restrictions may apply; for more information about IRAs, refer to IRS publication 590 or consult a tax professional.

Other Products and Services


Log in or sign up for online banking


  • Take the hassle out of paying bills.

  • Save time and postage.

  • Easy to set up payees and schedule payments for one-time payments or recurring payments.

  • Payments come directly out of your Credit Union account.



  • More secure than a personal check.

  • Can be purchased for any amount, using cash or available funds within your AFPCU account.

  • You must name the payee at the time of purchase.

  • A nominal fee applies (see fee schedule).

  • Keep your receipt as proof of payment or in case the cashier check is lost.


  • More secure than a personal check.

  • Can be purchased for amounts up to $1000, using cash or available funds within your AFPCU account.

  • You are not required to name the payee at the time of purchase (we strongly suggest filling in the payee name, so the money order can’t be cashed by others if lost or stolen).

  • A nominal fee applies (see fee schedule).

  • Keep your receipt as proof of payment or in case the money order is lost.


Please contact the credit union for Visa Card application and disclosures.


Save a Tree & Go Green


  • Tired of dealing with the clutter of storing paper records? Start receiving your monthly account statements online instead of by mail. It's easy and free!

  • Save a tree! Reducing the amount of paper and energy used and help protect the environment.

  • Get your statements sooner! Statements are usually available on the first day of the month. You will be notified by email when statements are ready for viewing through your online banking. Statements are available there for up to 12 months.

  • E- Statements are more convenient! When you are traveling, you can still access your statements anywhere you go, just by logging into your online banking.

  • Reduce the possibility of identity theft! You don't have to worry about stolen mail.

Sign up for E-Statements now through your online banking. Just look for the statements tab at the top. Or call the Credit Union at (330) 798-1994 if you have questions.


Worried about your financial situation? Too much credit card debt? Can your family survive this current economic crisis? Don't worry... We're here to help!

Financial Counseling

Members who need to ease the burden of credit card debt, resolve issues concerning past-due accounts, or are just concerned about their ability to ride out this current economic crisis, can rely on Akron Fire Police Credit Union for assistance. Our Financial Counseling Program is available to our members for assistance in developing a plan of action for financial stability and growth. Our credit counselors are certified by Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and are trained and equipped to offer a wide range of options to help members reach financial success.

It all begins with a confidential credit counseling session. During this session the counselor will review and analyze your current financial situation, and based on your personal financial goals will assist in developing a realistic money management and savings plan. Our counselors have a range of tools available to them, such as negotiating loan and payment modification with creditors and collectors, and if appropriate referral to our loan department for debt consolidation.

Our Financial Counseling Program is not a financial planning or investment advisory service, rather our purpose is to provide information, education, and guidance to our members regarding their debt management and savings objectives.

Some financial situations took a long time to develop and consequently will take a long time to resolve. Rest assured that our counselors will be there for you for as long as you need their assistance. We are in it for the long haul.

Don’t wait for a financial crisis; call the credit union today for a confidential consultation at (330) 798-1994. This is a free service available to all members of Akron Fire Police Credit Union.

For additional information or to set up a financial counseling appointment, please contact April McDaniel: or call (330) 798-1994.